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Miscarriage, Pregnancy Loss, Neonatal Death, and Infant Loss Support in Korea

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Updated 23 March 2018

Losing a child is something no parent should ever have to go through. There are technical names for the losses depending on when they occurred, however, the result is the same: the baby is gone.

Many women suffer from miscarriages and some do not even know they were pregnant. A baby is usually considered stillborn if the loss happens after 20 weeks and if it happens before then it's considered a miscarriage. A very early miscarriage (before 5 weeks) is usually considered a chemical pregnancy. Neonatal death is when a baby dies within the first 28 days of life. Infant death is between 28-364 days.

Time legally allowed off work
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What to do
There are places to seek out help and talk to people who have been through the same experience, trained volunteers, as well as professional counselors and social workers. There are also a number of books written on this topic.

Depending on how old the baby was, many families find that photos or memory boxes (here's a list of what you can add to your memory box) can be very comforting. Others create certificates of life for their child that they lost in utero, such as the ones available at Bears of Hope, Grief Watch, and Memorial for the Unborn.

Support in Korea, both online and in person

Online Support in Korea (these do not deal with loss specifically)

Counselors and Social Workers in Korea

Online support, not specifically for Korea
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