Breastfeeding Support
"I so appreciated you taking that huge chunk of time out of your day to help me! It was really a huge help and I appreciated it so much. Your material is really great and your allowing me to ask any questions was so helpful. And it really means a lot that I can contact you later if a need arises!" E. A.

"You have been more helpful in just a few minutes than anyone here in Korea. You are truly amazing, Sharon. A million thanks for all the help and info!" M. C.

Childbirth, Breastfeeding, and Newborn Care Classes
"We would like to thank you for the birthing class it was very informative and fun :). M.A.

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Sharon for the wonderful childbirth classes. Jay and I really enjoyed them and learned so much." N.K.

"Sharon led a wonderful class catered to the needs of the couples and was very thorough in each topic we discussed. The environment was friendly and personal with only three couples. My husband and I felt that our needs were met and we left Sharon's class more knowledgeable and comfortable with the birthing process." S. H.

"You were a great instructor and helped us feel comfortable talking about childbirth topics what we've been anxious about. You facilitated a very supportive small group environment for the class." S. N.

 "Sharon covers many topics and offers a comfortable setting to learn and discuss questions, fears and concerns. She knows many resources for getting help in Korea." B. K.

"Talking with you all really helped alleviate some of my anxiety. I did my homework. It felt good to articulate my wishes in writing." L. R.

"I really enjoyed the personal nature of this class. The comfort techniques were helpful. I also appreciated the hints about what to ask regarding making a birth plan. I do really appreciate that you took the time to teach me one-on-one and that you're trying to provide an affordable option for expats. It’s a lot less scary to have some idea of what to expect. Thank you!" N. C.

Tender Embrace Birthing Blog 
"What a treasure trove of information!  If I ever get pregnant, the natural way is my first choice.  Thank you for starting this thread.  Even if I don't ever personally make use of this information, I can certainly pass it on to someone who might need to know that she has options available.  Keep up the good work!" L. D.

"I stumbled across your waygook thread when googling about birthing in Korea. I just want to say thank you so much for all the information. I am 10 weeks pregnant now, and very pro natural. So all the information has really helped. I may be in contact again throughout my pregnancy." N. P.

"My fiancée and I just learned 6 weeks ago that we are having a baby. Your website has been extremely helpful and a wealth of knowledge." A. W.

"I really like your website. It's very informative!" C. W.

"Holy information! Thank you so much for posting this! I am not pregnant, and I'm not planning on it anytime soon. But I do plan on staying in Korea for awhile, and having a child here is something my husband and I have considered. I have always wanted a home/natural birth. I often wondered if that was a possibility here, and what the options were, but I never did the research as that part of my life still seems so far away. I gotta hand it you though, thank you for making my research so much easier! I'll be sure to keep you in mind when that time comes for us.  Bookmarked this topic and your blog. Thanks again, you are a lifesaver! " J. J.

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