Friday, 1 September 2017

Car Seat Laws for Kids in Korea

Last Updated 25 September 2017

Legally speaking, in Korea a child must be in an car seat or a booster seat until they're six years old (Western age). The fine is 60,000 if you're caught and you're child doesn't have one. It's very unlikely that you will be pulled over and fined. I've seen infants on the driver's lap, kids bouncing around, and even kids popping up through sunroofs.

However, this is literally a matter of life or death! I cannot stress this enough. I know some people get complacent after living in Korea for a while. But, don't even think about not using car seats! You must put your child in a car seat and you must buy a new one. Do not skimp on this product. Scrimp and save, find a way to use a car seat.

I know that car seat laws are lax, but that's no excuse for not putting your child in one.

Buy it here
Please don't buy a used one
If it's been in any crash or slightly damaged in any way, it could be compromised. It's not worth saving money when your child's life is on the line. Since it's a big ticket item, consider putting it on your baby registry. Or cross something else off your list and get a car seat.

Installing a car seat
Remember to keep your child rear-facing as long as possible. It doesn't matter if they're a year old, you don't have to turn them around: keep them facing backwards.

It's not easy to install a car seat. You can check online for more info. Unlike some countries, fire departments and police stations cannot check your car seat to make sure it's properly installed. In addition, hospitals and birthing centers aren't going to check if you have a car seat installed before you take your baby home. You could go home in a taxi with them in the front seat and they're not going to stop you. Here are some good sites.
How to buckle your child in correctly
I know that it gets freezing cold in Korea. And that car seats are cold. And that you don't want your child to be cold. Never, ever put your child in a car seat while they're wearing coats. This video shows what happens when you put your baby in their car seat while wearing a coat. The car seat lady and this crash test will explain more and why it can be deadly.

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