Thursday 1 June 2017

Where to Buy a New Breast Pump in Korea

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When planning on what to get for your baby, you need to consider how you will raise your child. Different people will spend money on different things. Pumps can be expensive but you can also put them on your baby registry.

How Long is a Pump Good For?

Many people make the mistake of asking long a pump is good for. The problem with this is that pumps aren't good for weeks, months, or years, they're good for a certain number of hours. Most breast pumps are good for about 400 hours.
  • Someone has a baby in the NICU and they need to pump 10 times a day for about 20 minutes each time. After one month of doing this, the pump would have clocked 100 hours. 
  •  Spectra 2 Hospital Grade Breast Pump
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  • Someone pumps twice a day for 10 minutes each time. Assume that they work 242 days in the year. After a year of doing this, they would only be at about 80 hours.
Closed vs. Open Breast Pumps
A closed pump keeps the milk from entering the tubing. The Pumping Mommy and Kelly Mom also have some great info about why you should buy a closed breast pump, especially if you're buying a used one. Closed pumps are WHO compliant. Open pumps are not.

Closed Breast Pumps
Here are some closed breast pumps. There are hospital-grade, double electric pumps, single electric pumps, and single manual pumps. Be sure to read the reviews to see which one would be best for you. I always read the negative reviews first. You can also filter them to only see verified purchases.

Baby Fairs are a good place to check out different breast pumps. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a pump at a baby fair than at a store. Stores dedicated to families, such as Moms Mom and Toys R Us
may have them. Bigger department stores such as Lotte and Shinsaegae may as well. In Lotte in Myeongdong, there is a place called BB on the 7th floor that has some pumps. Around women's hospitals there are often stores dedicated to families and some bigger hospitals may actually have a store inside. Mothercare is located inside Homeplus and they may have some pumps. Sunny Smart Shopping and Go Wonderfully are services that can help you locate a pump whether from a brick-and-mortar store or an online store. 

Online direct from companies
Online from people
Sometimes people buy a pump or are given a pump and never use it. You might find one listed on one of the sites below. 

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