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Giving Birth on Base/Post in Korea if You're Non Command Sponsored (Non CSP)

Updated 12 September 2018

If you come to Korea non CSP (Command SPonsored), you can see by the CSP vs non CSP matrix that you don't have access to the same services as those families who come here command sponsored. Usually, if you come to Korea non CSP, you only have access to ER medical services; that means you can't get a regular appointment on base. This means that you can't even give birth on base. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Being pregnant is one of them. If you want to be seen for prenatal appointments on base and/or give birth at a military facility while in Korea, read on.

Get on Tricare Select*
Most bases/posts will have a waiting list to get on Tricare Prime. If you get on Prime, then you have the same medical services as a command sponsored family. However, don't get too excited. Some places have so many people on the waiting lists that they have closed the waiting list. Doesn't make sense to me since people are always coming and going, but that's military intelligence for you.

* Starting January 1, 2019 you will no longer be allowed to switch to Select due to pregnancy. What this means is that if you have Prime, you would need to do one of the following
  • Get a referral to get the birth you want.
  • Pay completely out of pocket (OOP).**
  • Switch during a QLE (qualifying life event, not pregnancy, but for example, a move).
  • Switch during the the annual late fall 90 day open enrollment period.
However, while being pregnant isn't a reason to switch, having a baby is a QLE. So you can switch back after the baby is born.

** Costs vary greatly if you decide to pay out of pocket. A midwife for a homebirth can be 3.5-8mil. A birthing center can be 3-15mil.

Get a Referral
Call Women's Health. Tell them that you're pregnant and they *should* help you get an appointment on base. If that doesn't work, walk into Women's Health and they will help you set up your first appointment. Currently, in Gyeonggi-do and Seoul, only the Brian Allgood Hospital aka the 121 at Yongsan is where you can give birth. You might be able to stork nest i.e. get Tricare to pay for lodging shortly before you give birth. Some other bases/posts may be able to take care of your prenatal care. It's best to ask since things are always changing.

On Base Care for Your Newborn
Your newborn will be able to be seen on base for the first 120 days. Check with the appointment line. Usually the pediatrician will reserve one day a week for appointments for non-CSP newborns. I think at Osan it was Thursday.

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