Monday, 6 May 2013

Avoiding Internal Exams

It seems like every hour a doctor or nurse wants to check how far dilated you are. You don't have to agree to internal exams. Natural childbirth should be hands-off. They don't do much other than increase the risk of infection by introducing bacteria. They can also be quite depressing if you're not making progress fast enough. Doctors may diagnose you with failure to progress, which basically means you're taking longer than 12 hours to give birth. Most first time moms average 18 hours of active labor (which is after 4 cm).

There's a cool way to see how far dilated you are without internal exams. It's called the bottom line and is 76% accurate. It's basically a purple shadow that starts at the top of the anus and moves upwards starting at 1cm until the mom hits 10 cm. There are more ways to find out how dilated you are. Check out Sarah Vine's blog to find out more.

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