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Signs Your Doctor Will Perform an Unnecessary C-section

Updated 9 December 2017

Having a baby in Korea can be difficult due to culture and customs. Usually doctors are seen as all-knowing experts and patients don't dare to question them. C-sections are common (around 33%, which is similar to the USA. Choosing a good place to give birth is key to getting the birth you want. Having someone on your side helps a lot. Check out the list of breastfeeding counselors, childbirth educators, and doulas.

Here is a consumer report about birthing centers and hospitals and C-sections in Korea.  (It's in Korean. Try using Google Translate to translate it from Korean to Japanese and then Japanese to English. That provides the best results.) 1 is the top score and 5 is the lowest. Those that have fewer than 30 births per month aren't rated. If you want to avoid a C-section, look into places that are rated 1 or 2.

Morning Calm Birthing Services has a useful chart in English that allows you to easily compare hospitals and birthing centers. Tender Embrace Birthing also has a list of all the routine prenatal checks and tests that are done in Korea.

Frisco Women's Health put together a great article about Unnecessary C-sections or Unnecessarians. Click on the link to read the article or look at the summary below.
  1. Tells you the baby won't fit.
  2. Says you have a big baby. It's very rare that babies don't fit. They're very flexible and can mold to your body so that they get out. Your body won't make a baby it can't fit.
  3. Does lots of ultrasounds to see how big the baby is.
  4. Tells you to induce at 39 weeks because the baby is getting big.
  5. Tells you you can pass herpes to the baby.
  6. Tells you the baby is breech and you need a C-section because of it.
  7. Says that you've pushed for 2 hours and the baby's not coming out.
  8. Says inductions are more convenient.
  9. Schedules a C-section because you're having twins.
  10. Says your pelvis is too narrow.
  11. Says that your blood pressure is a little high and will cause pre-eclampsia or toxemia, which would cause a seizure and you need a C-section. 
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