Thursday, 17 July 2014

Placenta Encapsulation in Korea

Updated 5 September 2016

Human placentophagia, or consuming the placenta, is something that I had never heard of before I got pregnant. Typically women do placenta encapsulation, but there are also women who consume the raw placenta in smoothies. There are people who swear that it works and has tons of benefits. There are people who say it's gross and that none of the pros have been scientifically proven.

I'm not a scientist and can see both the pros and the cons. The pros are that it helps with postpartum recovery, lactation support, and the prevention of fatigue and postpartum depression. The cons are that some people aren't certified to do it, some religions condone it, and some people can't bring themselves to do it.

There are certain organisations that can certify people to do placenta encapsulations, such as APPA, ProDoula, and PBi. You can also do it yourself. ProDoula and PBi have kits for sale.

I highly encourage you to read about placenta encapsulation. There are a lot of women out there who swear by it. The biggest drawback I see is that there have been no scientific studies about it. Here are people who do placenta encapsulation in Korea. Here are some more articles and discussion about it:

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