Saturday, 28 November 2015

How to Become a Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, or Childbirth Educator in Korea

Natural birthing has really taken off in the past few years in Korea. Doulas have become more and more popular among both foreigners and Koreans. Doctors are seeing the benefits of doing less interventions if possible and are even opening up new natural birthing clinics. In addition, they are realizing the importance of childbirth education for both moms and dads. Breastfeeding is lagging a bit behind due to beliefs and culture, but there are still staunch proponents of breastfeeding infants and toddlers. Here's some information to help you enter the birthing profession.

Enroll in a Course
Many people go through CBI (Childbirth International) since the requirements can be met while living overseas. CBI doesn't require doulas to renew their certification either. There are other options as well, such as DONA. You can find a more comprehensive list here.

Join the Korea Doula Facebook Group
Once you enroll in a course you can join the Korea Doula group. It's for childbirth educators, breastfeeding counselors, birth doulas, and postpartum doulas. People come from a variety of backgrounds and live all over Korea, though most are in Seoul. Be sure to message one of the admin and explain why you want to join.

Joining the group will allow you to connect with other doulas and shadow their births so that you can fulfill all the requirements for your certification. You will also learn how much to charge, legal issues about working as a doula, contracts, how to choose a back-up doula, and more. There are fewer breastfeeding counselors and childbirth educators than doulas, but you should still be able to get observe classes if necessary. The group is very close-knit and helpful.

Get Clients
There are a number of Facebook groups where you can find clients. Some forbid advertising, so be careful. You might be able to PM people. Word of mouth is definitely the best. Once your name is out there, people will start to recommend you.

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