Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Childbirth All or Nothing: BBC Documentary 2015

This documentary follows four women and the different choices they make to birth their babies. It focuses on extremes, hence the name "All or Nothing". From a home birth with a midwife, a home birth in water, an unassisted birth aka a free birth, and a planned C-section you'll see why they made the choices they made. Other topics discussed are . . .
You can watch the full 50 minute documentary on YouTube and read more about it at In Pursuit of Midwifery. You might also be interested in The Business of Being Born. There's also a sequel, called More Business of Being Born, which has four parts.
  1. Part 1: Down on the Farm
  2. Part 2: Special Deliveries
  3. Part 3: Explore Your Options
  4. Part 4: The VBAC Dilemma
Two other good films are: Orgasmic Birth and Organic Birth and Organic Birth
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