Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Divorce and Child Support in Korea

It's never easy to get a divorce. Getting divorced is hard. It's even harder when you're in a foreign country. There is some information online about how to get divorced in Korea. It seems that most of it is written by lawyers who want you as their clients.

Getting Divorced in Korea
In May 2016, a secret Facebook group was created called, Getting Divorced in Korea. Three admin run the group: Daemon, Lara, and Sharon. All three have gotten divorced in Korea. None of them are lawyers, so they don't have any hidden agendas for creating the group. There are some lawyers as well as people in the group who work at law firms in the group. Don't expect tons of free advice from them though. Their time is month.

If you want to join the group, please message one of the admin. The easiest way for them to add you is for them to add you as a Facebook friend, add you to the group, and then delete you as a Facebook friend. The group is composed of foreigners who have gotten divorced, are going through a divorce, or are looking for information about getting divorced.
  • Some people have divorced Koreans; other people have divorced foreigners. 
  • Some had kids; some didn't.
  • Some had good outcomes; others had bad outcomes.
Child Support
The amount paid takes both parents' income into account. You can find information about how much should be paid as well as what people have paid in the files of the group. 

Two Other Groups
There are also two other secret groups that focus on emotional support. One for foreign men who have divorced / are divorcing Korean women. The other is for foreign women who have divorced / are divorcing Korean men. If you join the regular Getting Divorced in Korea group, someone should be able to point you in the right direction so you can join one of the other groups as well.

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