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Where to Buy a Used Breast Pump in Korea

Updated 8 May 2017

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I know that breast pumps are expensive and many moms want to save money, however, used pumps can be unsafe. Some hospitals have pumps available, but rental pumps are different from used pumps. La Leche League explains more in their article. With that being said, some women buy new breast pumps and never use them. Sometimes they're still wrapped up in the original box. They often sell those pumps a little cheaper that what it would cost you to buy one online.

I honestly would not recommend buying a pump that has actually been used. I understand that some women do this, however, it would recommend against doing it. Save up and buy a new one or try to find someone who has bought a pump but never actually used it.
Closed vs. Open Breast Pumps
A closed breast pump keeps the milk from entering the tubing. The Pumping Mommy and Kelly Mom also have some great info about why you should buy a closed breast pump, especially if you're buying a used one. Closed pumps are WHO compliant. Open pumps are not.

Closed Breast Pumps
Here are some closed breast pumps. There are hospital-grade, double electric pumps, single electric pumps, and single manual pumps. Be sure to read the reviews to see which one would be best for you. I always read the negative reviews first.

Why to Find Breast Pumps in Korea
Check other buy and sell or flea market Facebook groups near you. Start looking early as they tend to sell quickly. Remember, you're looking for a pump that someone has bought, but never used.
More Links and Storage Guidelines
My post about Breastfeeding Awareness Month has many useful links to help with breastfeeding. Make sure you are storing your milk properly. Here's a quick guide
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