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Sanhujuriwon 산후조리원: Traditional Postpartum Facilities in Korea

Updated 21 August 2016

Many Korean women go to special care facilities for a week or two after giving birth. Some hospitals and birthing centers have sanhujuriwons, so ask yours if they offer this services.

These facilities usually require you to sign up for the waiting list several weeks in advance; you can't just show up with your baby and enter the clinic. Many also require the newborn to be admitted into the postnatal clinic straight from the hospital so they can confirm that the baby is healthy. They also require the baby's shot records. If you have a cold you will probably not be allowed to stay at the clinic. If the baby has a cold, diarrhea, fever, etc at the time of admittance the clinic will not admit you nor baby to protect the other newborns.

Not all women like these places. Sometimes babies and moms are kept separate for the majority of the day. Family may only be able visit during set hours each day. Rooms are often kept very warm. Moms are fed seaweed soup and given vigorous breast and body massages to help get their bodies back into shape and help with milk production. Other women love these places and say that they really helped them after giving birth.

Costs vary from about 2.0-5.0 mil won for 2 weeks. There are tons and tons of places to choose from. Here are just a few places. You can also put 산후조리원 in a Naver Map or Daum Map search and see what comes up near you. If you're interested definitely ask around for recommendations.



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