Wednesday, 1 October 2014

International Baby Wearing Week

Women all over the world wear their babies. It's a way to re-create the womb for infants, help with bonding, and stimulate milk production. There are benefits for older babies and toddlers as well. Being close to your child allows them to feel safe and allows you to be with your child as well as do every day things, like making breakfast.

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Wearing your child keeps them close so strangers can touch them or try to give them hard candies, which they commonly do in Korea. It creates your own protected space and you can even safely breastfeed while wearing your baby. Most of the time people won't even realize that you're breastfeeding. There are lots of other benefits for both parents and children.

Ring slings, wraps, soft structured carriers, and hipseats are some of the most common types of carriers out there. Here's a good article explaining about them. What you choose will depend on what's comfortable for you and your baby. YouTube has some fantastic videos out there for how to wear your baby. While they might look complicated at first you can usually get the hang of them after a couple of tries. If you have friends who wear their babies, ask them to help you out and show you which ties they like best.

Be sure to check out Baby Wearing International for more information as well as the latest on International Baby Wearing Week.

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