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Healthcare, GoEun Mom Card, and Vaccinations in Korea

Updated 6 September 2017

Healthcare Information 
National Health Insurance (use Internet Explorer): 1577-1000 and 02-390-2000

GoEunMom Card 
Pregnant moms enrolled in national health insurance qualify for pre-natal checkup discounts up to a limit of 500,000 (60,000 limit KRW per visit). You can also use whatever is left on the card for the birth itself. You'll have to get a note from your doctor and take it to Shinhan or KB bank. You must have an account at one of those banks in order to get the card. You'll receive it in the mail a couple days later. If you don't use all the money before the baby is born you have until 60 (I think) days to use it after the baby is born to pay for baby related doctor visits and shots. More information here.

30 Day Grace Period
Baby's are given a 30 day (some places only give 28 days) grace period to get their paperwork in order and get insurance. If you're both foreigners it might be hard to get your baby's foreign birth cert, passport, and ARC all in that short amount of time. No worries, pay out of pocket and you'll be refunded once your baby gets an ARC.

If you don't want to wait, go to your local NIHC office and explain that it takes foreigners a longer time than Koreans to get all their paperwork and ask if they can add you now. Be aware that when you go to medical centers and your baby doesn't have an ARC, even if the NIHC has added you you're going to have to have the medical center call NIHC and confirm that you added your baby.

Vaccinations are not required to visit, live, work, or study in Korea. They are not required for daycare, kindergarten, regular school, or university.You can find out more at this link. Below is the Korean vaccination schedule. The Vaccine Book has loads of info about the different types of shots and The Vaccine-Friendly Plan has alternative schedules.

Vaccination schedule
  • Week 1: Hep B 
  • 0~4 weeks: BCG 1 month: Hep B 
  • 2 months: DTaP, Polio, Hib, PCV (Pneumococcal), Rotavirus 
  • 4 months: DTaP, Polio, Hib, PCV (Pneumococcal), Rotavirus 
  • 6 months: Hep B, DTaP, Polio, Hib, PCV (Pneumococcal), Rotavirus 
  • after 6 months: influenza, once a year 
  • 12~15 months: chickenpox, MMR, Hib, PCV (Pneumococcal) 
  • 12~23 months: Japanese encephalitis, Hep A 
  • 15~18 months: DTap 
  • 2 years: Japanese encephalitis 
  • 4~6 years: DTap, Polio, MMR 
  • 6 years: Japanese Encephalitis 
  • 11~12 years: Td (dyptheria & tetanus); HPV 1
Free gu vaccinations for those with insurance
Babies are able to get some free vaccination from their local-gu healthcare center or local hospitals/clinics if they have their ARC and are enrolled with the NHIC.In order to register them either go to your local NHIC office or ask your employer to help. You will need your baby's ARC, passport, and birth cert. 

  • BCG 
  • B형 
  • DTap 
  • 소아마피 polio 
  • 수두 Chicken pox 
  • MMR 일본 뇌염 
  • Japanese encephalitis 

  • If you have to pay, Hep B, BCG (the government subsidised one, which leave a little scar), DTap and Polio should roughly cost about 10,000-30,000 per shot. 
  • Hib B, PCV and Rotavirus are not covered by the government. 
  • Hib B will cost you about 40,000. 
  • PCV and Rotavirus about 100,000~150,000 depending on the type. There are two types of PCV available in Korea, one that covers 10 and one that covers 13. There are two types of Rotavirus vaccinations, one that has 3 dosages (about 100,000) and another, 2 dosages (about 130,000 per dosage). 
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