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Where to Buy Nursing Bras in Korea

Updated 23 May 2016

The following places in Korea have maternity and nursing bras
Shopping Online
You can buy them online from your favorite stores back home and have them shipped here. Most of the place below will ship to Korea, however, if they don't, people have had their parents or friends repackage the items and send them here.

Keep in mind that items under $200 (including shipping) aren't taxed. Anything over that will be. Though some people get friends of family to repackage them and ship them  to Korea when they are over $200 and they haven't had any issues.

How to measure 
Most women wear the wrong bra size because they're still adding 4 or 5 inches. Most of us are wearing at least one band size too big and one cup size too small. Keep in mind that your boobies change throughout your pregnancy and after giving birth so you should measure again before buying new bras. Maternity and nursing bras usually come without underwire since it can do more harm than good while you're pregnant or nursing, though many women go back to bras with underwires after 3-6 months after giving birth.

Here's a video that explains how to measure. 
They also have a bra size calculator (click on the top British flag to get it into English) Other people have other ways of measuring. They say that the best way to measure is to measure under your boobs. Then lie down or lean over and measure across the fullest part. Standing up and measuring across the fullest part doesn't work well since gravity is working against you and since many women wear the wrong bra anyways, it gives them the wrong size.

Bra size calculators 
Don't be surprised when you find out your cup size is larger than you thought. Some people think that measuring doesn't help at all, and rather you should just try on a whole bunch of bras, but that can be complicated when most stores only carry up to a D cup. 
Does your bra fit well? 
Bratabase has over 10,000 measurements which is especially helpful since different manufactures use different letters for cups sizes. Once you figure out the measurements of a bra that fits you it makes it much easier to buy bras. Also, EU, UK, and US have different letters for the same cups. If the center gore (the middle of your bra) isn't flush against your skin you should go up a cup size or two, not up a band size.

Bra Size Comparison Charts
Here are some comparison charts for different brands 
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