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Birthing Miracles Birth Plan

Birth plans are very helpful and even more so if you're birthing in Korea where you may not speak the language and the culture may be very different. Here in Korea, the doctor is all-knowing and patients don't ask questions. The doctor is the expert and does whatever he or she sees fit. Sitting down with your doctor and having them read, sign, and stamp your birth plan will help you both. This link and this link have more info.

Get at least two copies (one for you and one for your doctor) and have them in both English and Korean (get a friend to help or if all else fails use Google Translate). Bring it to the hospital with you. If necessary, when you're in labor you can point out (in Korean) what the doctor has agreed to when the nurse comes over and tries to do something that you don't want.

You might decide to change hospitals if your doctor doesn't agree most of your requests. Enemas, shaving, episiotomies, laboring on your back with IVs and epidurals are common here. As are C-sections, with the national average around 30%, which is similar to the USA.

Every hospital is different and even within hospitals, doctors have different ideas. If you're trying to avoid a C-section, knowing your doctor's C-section rate is important. Also ask about your hospital C-section rate since you might not always get your doctor for the birth.

Useful Links and Sample Birth Plans
Here's a list of hospitals and clinics that foreigners have gone to. Here's a list of doulas, breastfeeding counselors, and childbirth educators. Below you can find the Birthing Miracles Birth Plan. I also have more sample birth plans on my birthing plans for Korea post. I don't deserve credit for any of them as I haven't written any of them. I've linked to them as well as copied and pasted them in the posts.

Birthing Miracles' Birth Plan
This was taken from EPK! and I think it downloaded from Birthing Miracles.

Personal Birth Plan
Your name: __________________________
E-mail Address: __________________________________________
Partner's name: ___________________________________
Due date: ___________________________________________
Name of obstetrician / midwife: ______________________
Other birth-support (doula, other family): ________________
Where do you want to give birth? Hospital (name of hospital) _______________________ Hospital Or Birth Center ____________________
□ Home birth
□ Not sure yet

Questions all parents should ask
What you can ask the doctor when you feel rushed…
Is this an emergency or do we have time to talk about this?
What are the benefits of doing this?
If we do this, what other procedures might we end up needing as a result?
What else could we try first, or instead?
What if we wait an hour or two before doing this?
What would happen if we don't do it at all?
May we have a few minutes alone to talk about it?

Labor & Birth Environment 
□ Dim Lights
□ Quiet Music
□ Aromatherapy Oils
□ Wear my own clothes
□ OK to have training medical staff observe labor & birth
□ Other ____________________________________________

Mobility during Labor 
□ I would like to keep active during labor if possible (walking, yoga b ll, etc.)
□ Mobility is not important to me

Relaxation and Comfort during Labor
□ Massage
□ Bath
□ Shower
□ Fit Ball
□ Bean Bag
□ Hot towels
□ Acupressure
□ Hypnotherapy
□ Other ____________________________________________

Do you want to use any special facilities? 
□ Birthing pool
□ Other ____________________________________________

Position(s) for Labor & Birth 
Underline preferred birth position
Lying down
Birth Stool
Other ____________________________________________

Fetal Monitoring 
□ Continuous monitoring (will mean limited mobility)
□ Intermittent monitoring
□ No monitoring - except in emergency situations

Vaginal / Cervix Examinations 
□ I would like minimal examinations
□ I am happy for examinations as deemed necessary by medical staff
□ No monitoring - except in emergency situations Pain Relief
□ Do not offer; I will ask if I want pain relief
□ Offer if I appear uncomfortable
□ Offer as soon as possible

Medical Pain Relief Options 
□ I would like to try to manage without medical pain relief options
□ Gas / Air
□ Epidural
□ Other ____________________________________________

Rupturing of the amniotic sac 
I prefer my amniotic sac be allowed to rupture on its own

I do not want an episiotomy unless there is an emergency situation

□ I would like to touch baby's head when it crowns
□ I would like a mirror available to view pushing/crowning/birth

Immediately following delivery 
□ I want baby placed on my chest immediately after birth
□ Please delay cord clamping and cutting until pulsating ceases
□ I would like my birth-partner to cut the cord
□ I would like to cut the cord
□ Birth-partner does not want to cut cord
□ I would like to hold the baby while the placenta is delivered
□ I do not want an injection to assist with placenta delivery
□ I would like the baby to be examined in my presence
□ If the baby cannot be examined in my presence, I would like my birth-partner to remain with the baby at all times
□ I want to donate cord blood to the public cord blood bank (if service is available)
□ I want to bank cord blood privately

Assisted Delivery
If additional medical assistance is required for the birth, I would prefer options to be discussed.

In the event that a cesarean section is deemed necessary, I would like the following: Birth-partner present
Other support present ______________________________________
Photos / video
Screen lowered at delivery I would like the procedure described as it is happening Anything else _________________________________________________

Baby Care 
□ Feeding Baby
□ I wish to breastfeed exclusively
□ I wish to breastfeed, but formula supplementation is acceptable
□ I wish to formula feed
□ I do not want baby to be given a pacifier
□ I would like to meet with a lactation consultant

Vitamin K 
□ I would like my baby to have the single injection of Vitamin K
□ I would like my baby to have oral Vitamin K
□ I do not want my baby to have Vitamin K

Hepatitis B 
I would like my baby to be vaccinated with Hepatitis B vaccine before discharge
I would not like my baby to be vaccinated with Hepatitis B vaccine before discharge

Any Special Dietary Requirements for the new mum ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Any other special needs for new Mum and/or birth-partner (language, religion, disability, etc) ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Length of stay in hospital 
□ I would like to have as short a stay as possible in hospital
□ I would like to stay in hospital for 1-2 days after the birth
□ I would like to stay in hospital for more than 2 days after the birth In the event that baby requires special care due to trauma or illness
□ I would like to breastfeed/pump breastmilk
□ Birth-partner will accompany baby if transferred to another hospital
□ I would like to be transferred to baby's hospital

Your Signature _________________________________ Date _________
Healthcare Provider's Name _____________________________________
Healthcare Provider's Signature ____________________ Date _________

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