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Mama Seoul's Birth Plan for Korea

Birth plans are very helpful and even more so if you're birthing in Korea where you may not speak the language and the culture may be very different. Here in Korea, the doctor is all-knowing and patients don't ask questions. The doctor is the expert and does whatever he or she sees fit. Sitting down with your doctor and having them read, sign, and stamp your birth plan will help you both. This link and this link have more info.

Get at least two copies (one for you and one for your doctor) and have them in both English and Korean (get a friend to help or if all else fails use Google Translate). Bring it to the hospital with you. If necessary, when you're in labor you can point out (in Korean) what the doctor has agreed to when the nurse comes over and tries to do something that you don't want.

You might decide to change hospitals if your doctor doesn't agree most of your requests. Enemas, shaving, episiotomies, laboring on your back with IVs and epidurals are common here. As are C-sections, with the national average around 30%, which is similar to the USA.

Every hospital is different and even within hospitals, doctors have different ideas. If you're trying to avoid a C-section, knowing your doctor's C-section rate is important. Also ask about your hospital C-section rate since you might not always get your doctor for the birth.

Useful Links and Sample Birth Plans
Here's a list of hospitals and clinics that foreigners have gone to. Here's a list of doulas, breastfeeding counselors, and childbirth educators. Below you can find Mama Seoul's Birth Plan. I also have more sample birth plans on my birthing plans for Korea post. I don't deserve credit for any of them as I haven't written any of them. I've linked to them as well as copied and pasted them in the posts.

Mama Seoul's Birth Plan
This was taken from Cairo Mama's blog.

This is L's actual birth plan so you may have some differences, but this should get you started if you are planning to give birth at a Korean hospital. I do not read Korean and did not write this (just cut and pasted), so please double check this before you use it.

~ 패밀리를 위한 분만 계획서

I prefer a natural, vaginal birth. Please help me achieve this in the following ways.
저는 가능한 한 자연 분만을 원합니다. 아래에 적힌 내용을 참조해 주세요.

1st stage of labour (분만 1기) I prefer . . .
1. No males, students or non-essential personnel to be in the room.
분만실에 꼭 필요한 분이 아닌 인턴이나 실습생, 특히 남자분들을 들여 보내지 말아 주세요.

2. To avoid internal vaginal examinations unless they are medically necessary or I request them.
꼭 필요하거니 제가 원할 때에만 내진을 해 주세요.

3. To avoid having my membranes ruptured unless medically indicated or discussed with us.
꼭 필요한 상황이 아니면 양수를 인위적으로 터트리지 말아 주세요.

4. To manage my pain on my own. Please do not offer drugs for pain relief. I will ask for it if I need it.
진통 경감을 위한 약을 쓰지 말아 주세요. 필요 시엔 제가 말씀 드리겠습니다.

5. If the baby and I are fine, to be free of time limits.
저와 아기만 건강하다면 너무 진통 시간에 연연하지 말아 주세요.

2nd stage of labour (분만 2기) I prefer . . .
1. Not to lie on my back.
똑바로 눕지 않게 해 주세요.

2. To adopt whatever position feels right for me at that time (for example, squatting, side lying, on all fours.
진통 중 가능한 한 제가 마음대로 자세를 바꿀 수 있게 해 주세요.

3. To be allowed to rest and wait if I do not have the urge to push straight away, if the baby and I are fine.
아기와 제가 괜찮다면 힘주기때 너무 급하게 재촉하지 말아 주세요.

4. To push instinctively rather than be coached or told when to push.
힘주기때 제가 스스로 알아서 할 수 있도록 너무 코치를 하지 말아 주세요.

5. Measures taken to try and ensure an intact perineum. (warm compress, massage with lubricant, gentle pressure on baby’s head to stop it coming too quickly)
perineum이 제 역할을 잘 할 수 있도록 따뜻한 마사지나 지압을 좀 해 주시고 아기 머리가 너무 빨리 나오는 것을 방지하도록 아기 머리를 부드럽게 눌러 주세요.

6. To risk a tear rather than have an episiotomy (unless a medical emergency).
위급한 상황이 아니라면 회음부 절개보다는 자연적인 tearing을 원합니다.

After birth (분만 이후) I prefer . . .
1. To wait until the umbilical cord stops pulsating before it is clamped and cut.
탯줄이 스스로 pulsating이 멈출 때까지 자르지 말아 주세요.

2. Skin to skin contact with my baby.
아기와 제가 스킨십을 바로 할 수 있도록 해 주세요.

3. Not to have my baby’s nose and mouth suctioned unless it is medically necessary.
응급상황이 아니라면 아기의 코와 입에 suction을 하지 말아 주세요.

4. Time to allow the placenta to deliver spontaneously.
(태반이 자연적으로 배출되도록 기다려 주세요.

5. To avoid injection to help control bleeding and deliver the placenta, unless medically necessary.
의학적으로 꼭 필요한 경우가 아니라면 지혈이나 태반출산을 돕는 주사나 약물을 사용하지 말아 주세요.

6. To delay newborn procedures (weighing and measuring, etc) until I have had time to breastfeed my baby.
제가 충분히 아기에게 수유를 한 후에 아기 체중 측정이나 키 측정 같은 신생아 관리를 스케줄대로 해 주세요.

7. To wait until after I have fed my baby before having stitches, if possible.
스티치(봉합)를 하기 전에 제가 아기에게 먼저 수유할 수 있도록 해 주세요.

In case of a C-section (만약 제왕 절개가 필요시) I prefer . . .
1. Regional anesthesia (epidural or spinal block) if possible.
전신 마취가 아닌 경막외 마취를 해 주세요.

2. To avoid a chest X-ray.
X-ray는 찍지 말아 주세요.

3. If a chest X-ray is necessary, please cover my baby with a lead apron.
꼭 X-ray가 필요시엔 앞치마나 천으로 제 배를 가려 주세요.

4. To hold my baby after the C-section, if possible.
가능하면 수술뒤 바로 아기를 제게 안겨 주세요.

5. To delay newborn procedures (weighing and measuring, etc) until I have had time to breastfeed my baby, if possible.
제가 충분히 아기에게 수유를 한 후에 아기 체중 측정이나 키 측정 같은 신생아 관리를 스케줄대로 해 주세요.

Other breastfeeding support (모유 수유시)
1. I would like a lactation consultant to check the progress of breastfeeding my baby during the days after birth.
분만후 모유 수유 전문가가 일정한 시간마다 저를 방문해서 모유수유를 도와 주시기를 바랍니다.

2. Please provide a breast pump, if needed.
유축기가 필요 시엔 좀 준비해 주세요.

Infant vaccination (신생아 예방접종)
1. Please vaccinate our baby against Hepatitis B.
간염 B 예방 접종을 해 주세요.

Thank you!
감사 드립니다!

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